"Kissing BREAK-UPS Goodbye" is a community based project focused on building stronger relationships among couples, identifying the causes of broken relationships and the effect it has on the individuals involved.

On February 10th, 2018 BCF Church presents Dr. Harrison Mungal and Kathleen Mungal in a fun-filled educational session to empowered couples in maintaining healthy relationships. Lots of prizes to be won and delicious dinner & desserts will be served. Book early for 2018 - A special treat is in store for you!!!


With the high statistics of breakups today, we believe that everyone can use a little tip to enhance and enrich their relationship.

Some topics that will be covered are:


Alvin & Joy Slaughter

Dr. Randy & Jill Neilson

Jason & Kerri Persaud

Rob & Tania Meikle

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