Dr. Harrison Mungal

Dr. Harrison S. Mungal is considered one of the leading cognitive therapist workshop presenters internationally. He wears many hats in the field of supporting individuals, couples and families. Among the roles he occupies are cognitive neuroscientist, psychotherapist, psychoanalysis, and psych-educator. He has been a guest speaker on several radio stations and television programs for the Attorney General of Canada, police, hospitals, and community agencies. He is appreciated for the depth of his knowledge, great humour and passion in the field of mental health. In addition, he is also an expert in supporting the development of healthy relationships and happy parenting. He utilizes a creative, scientific-based approach to deliver compelling presentations which has granted him a great reputation. He has received several awards and recognitions from local police, mayor, community leaders, managers and directors as well as the families he serves.

Dr. Mungal provides training and consultations to an array of community partners including psychiatrists, medical doctors, social workers, nurses, police officers, and senior management teams. He has been involved in cognitive research to support individuals with addictions, anxiety and depression. He has over twenty years of professional experience working with diverse populations, including twelve years in mental health. Some of these diverse populations include youth and adult offenders, communities impacted by acquired brain injuries, refugees, war victims and crisis based support in a variety of settings, i.e. liaison with police, hospitals, and community agencies.

Dr. Mungal holds a Bachelor degree in Theology, two Masters Degrees (MA, MSW) and a PhD. He is a founding member of the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies, a member of The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers *Member (Professional Affiliate) of the Ontario Psychological Association *Member of the American Society of Neuroscience *Member of the Canadian Association of Neuroscience.

Kathleen Mungal

Kathleen a proud mother of 7 beautiful children, (1 married daughter). She has been married since 1990 to her husband, Harrison. She shares the quality of a mother’s heart touching many lives around the world and also has a passion to support mothers to be effective in raising their children. Kathleen teaches on the role of a woman and the need to keep their identity. She believes that her greatest strength is the example she has set.

Kathleen has been a guest speaker at schools, churches, workshops, seminars, conferences etc. sharing alongside with her husband on relationships, parenting, womanhood and other related topics revolving around marriage and the family. Kathleen has been the keynote speaker at many international women seminars in Paris- France, Lima- Peru, Santa Clara-Cuba, Split-Croatia, Canada, USA and various other countries.

Kathleen has taught for over 12 years at Bible Colleges on a variety of courses and co-pastored with her husband at 4 different churches, including being a missionary for 2 years in Croatia. She is currently involved with her husband in a leadership role at her local church, along with their senior pastors. Kathleen has been awarded and recognized on several occasions for her work through community agencies, churches and mothers internationally.

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